Avid Help

If you have questions, take a look through our documentation below.

App Structure

Avid uses a hierarchy for organizing your information. Each level is defined below:

  • Workspace — The top-most container of your stuff. Everyone has a default "Personal" workspace. Pro users can add workspaces. Workspaces can be reordered.
  • Projects & Sections — A workspace can contain multiple projects. Non-pro users are limited to 3 projects. Projects can be organized within collapsible sections.
  • Entries & Tasks — With projects are entries. An entry can be converted to a task (which adds a checkbox to complete it) and vice versa. That's the only difference between them. All entries can have attributes like a due date, project, phase, progress percentage, and focus (which puts the entry in the "Focus" list). Entries can be reordered.
  • Notes — Notes use Markdown for rich text. You can view the available Markdown options to see what's possible.
  • Subtasks — Subtasks are meant to be used as small lists of sub-items to be completed within an entry. They are entirely optional. They can be deleted by clearing the text of the subtask. they can also be reordered.
  • Files — You can attach files to an entry and the corresponding file will be uploaded to your Dropbox account for safe keeping.

Sync & Backup

We strongly recommend that you connect Avid to Dropbox in the Settings so that your data is synced and backed up. You can get a free Dropbox account which will have 2GB of space (which is way more than Avid needs).

I Found an Issue or Have a Suggestion

You can contact us in the app in Settings > Help or email us: help[at]avid[dot]pro. Please be as descriptive as you can and include screenshots or screen recordings of the issue.