Why Dropbox

There are a few reasons why we chose to use Dropbox as the sync and backup tool for Avid.

  • You Own the Data — By putting your app data in your Dropbox account, you have constant access to it and we can't touch it. This leaves you in control and gives you the reassurance that your data is always within reach.
  • Fast & Reliable — Dropbox has proven over many years that it is one of the fastest and most reliable sync and backup tools out there. They also have developer-friendly tools which make it easy for us to plug into our app.
  • It's Free — While there are paid plans available with Dropbox, the free plan includes 2GB of data which is more than plenty for Avid. Feel free to get a free Dropbox account here.

What about iCloud, Google Drive, or OneDrive?

We haven't ruled out letting you use another sync service for your Avid data, but we aim to keep things simple for now. Dropbox is the only option at the moment.